Dudhsagar waterfall ( Sea of Milk ) is one of the top waterfalls of India, famous for its white-colored water falling from the height of 310 meters. It is surrounded by mountains, lush green dense forests which makes it treat for nature lovers and trekkers. The vapors and rainbow created when the water hits the rocks and falls into the lake is a treat to watch. The view of the falls from the lake below when the train passes by the track and waterfall in the backdrop is the perfect landscape that you can capture.

Located in Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary, This waterfall and the view of the train passing by the waterfalls got famous from the movie “Chennai Express” starring Shahrukh Khan & Deepika Padukone in lead. Located at around 60 km from Panjim towards the Karnataka border is 2 hours drive from North Goa. This is generally a day trip from Goa by self-drive or you can contact us to book your trip to Dudhsagar waterfalls.

The water accumulated in the lake is very cool even in the summers and you must bath in the same if you take a trip here. Must wear a Life jacket as the lake gets deep in some places. There are lots of rocks and fishes in the lake. Rocks are somewhere edgy and slippery so you must take care that you do not slip but they help you if you wanna stand still to click awesome pictures.

There are no specific change rooms at the Lake site so you need to go to the closest public washroom to change your clothes once wet.

Best Season to Visit Dudhsagar Falls

Best season to visit Dudhsagar falls is from October to May. You would love to witness the falls in monsoon but should avoid the same in monsoons from July to September as water level rises and becomes dangerous.

How to Reach Dudhsagar falls

There are 2 ways to reach Dudhsagar falls ( Wearing the life jacket before entering Dudhsagar falls is compulsory)

By Road:

You can reach the Dudhsagar falls ticket counter from Panjim by renting a car or local bus. From here take a jeep safari which is a bumpy track filled with a small stream of water passing by and hilly tracks to add more fun. On this track, only official Jeep riders are allowed who charge 1200 INR and can carry 6 people.

The driver would wait for 1 and a half hour at the dropping point for the visitors to come back. From here visitors need to trek for 1 Km to reach the base of the falls.

By Rail:

There are two trains daily, and you would need to get off at the closest stop, Kulem. Alternately, you could also get off at Castle Rock Station. From Kulem you can either trek to Dudhsagar falls or take a jeep safari.

There is also a trek that begins at the Kulhem/Collem railway station which is 11km long and offers tourists a picturesque view of the Ghats and valleys.

One of the preferred tourist treks is the one that begins at Castle Rock station in Karnataka. This trek spans about 14km of rough terrain and one should go prepared. There are also no places around the falls where food or water is available, making it advisable for visitors to carry their own.

Enjoying the Falls

Reaching the entry point of falls begins the trek of 1 km filled with bridges over the water streams, big rocks, and dense forests which is a picturesque view. We need to take the utmost care as the rocks are slippery. The view is mesmerizing as soon as you reach the base of the falls from where you can see the sky filled with vapors, white water flowing down, and a train passing by the Western Ghat hills.

Then head to the Dudhsagar lake with the life jacket where water will be cold and wind will make your bathing experience enjoyable. You can dive into the lake and enjoy with friends for the allotted time. Click many pictures as you can.

Water is so clear that you can clearly see the fishes and rocks below. So enjoy your time swimming in the lake.

Things to be taken care

  • You can buy tickets from an online website to avoid the queue.
  • Try to get the predefined group pf 6 people to avoid wasting time at ticket counter.
  • Try to reach Dudhsagar falls as early as you can.
  • The falls close at 4:30 PM.
  • Wear comfortable footwear on this journey as it involves a 15-20 minutes walk through the rocky forest patch.
  • No locker facilities are available.

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